13 Best Electric Smokers 2021 – With Reviews and Buying Guide


Electric smokers are used in homes, restaurants, and many other places where you want to start cooking. Electric smoker is just like an oven, where you cook all the cooking related materials like fish, meat and many other dishes related to vegetables.

There are many and amazing types of electric smokers which are used for cooking in restaurants and in our homes. Like


There are best electric smokers you can buy from here



1. Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric digital smoker 

PRICE $354
WEIGHT  5.9 pounds
MODEL NO 20070910
DIMENSION (20)(17)(33.5) inches


This top electric smoker is ideal for cooking. Because the space of smoking areas is large and you can cook any amount of food. This is the model of a masterbuilt electric smoker and bought as a friendly smoker in the marketplace. Its price is a little high because it is made of stainless steel at the interior side. And on the interior side it’s made of embossed aluminum which made it amazing. Temperatures have a control by thermostat panel from 100 degree F- 275 degree F. Drip pa are removable and also air damper at the top is available in this top electric smokers.

This model is also available in 730 square inches which is bestest for space of cooking. Thermometers  are focused for the controlling of temperature.


  • Time controller and digital temperature of this top masterbuilt electric smoker
  • Have all experience of cooking, ideal smoker
  • Focused Temperature of even cooking is controlled by thermostat from 100 t0 275 degrees F
  • Easier in use
  • Compact is reasonable & model is good-looking
  • Cooking racks for meat and ribs are small so use easily
  • Exterior side is made of stainless steel and interior side is made of embossed aluminum, in this way properties of maximum heat is controlled
  • Easy cleaning due to removable racks and also removable drip pan
  • Wood chip tray is attached for adding of wood chips and it become side-load opening
  • Cooking space for barbecue is large almost 730 squire inches
  • Heating element have 800-watt
  • Temperature maintains very well and smokes great
  • Dimension of products is ( 20 )( 17 )( 33 )
  • Price is best with stainless steel coating
  • Temperature range is limited from 100 degrees F to 275 degrees F
  • Lack of Smoke cover
  • Viewing window to see smoking foods is not present and many customers have this difficulty
  • 90 days warranty

2. Pit BossGrills 77221 2.2 Digital Electric  Smokers

PRICE $197
BRAND NAME Pit Boss Grill
WEIGHT 58 pounds
POWER SOURCE Electric corded

DESCRIPTION:Pit Boss-Grills 77221 2.2 Digital ELECTRIC Smokers

The price of this electric smoker ( pit boss grill ) is very low compared to other sellers. So it is available at lower price than others. And coated with porcelain material. And having a push button to control the temperature, these are digitally controllable. So this best electric smoker is coated with porcelain material and has 3-cooking racks of 593 square inch. Construction of heat is amazing by the coating of double walls of material.

Pit boss grill 772212.2 digital smoker is amazing. Dimension of products of this cheap electric smoker is (21.5)(23)(41)inches. You can adjust the temperature of your smoker cooker. And view all the process of cooking food through the glass window door. Aim for the people so that they can get a cooker anywhere they want. And enjoy food. It’s really creative, clever and creates smoke.


  • It has Blanket insulation and construction of double
  • Viewing window is large and temperature of door is high
  • Power source is corded electric
  • Wood pan coated with porcelain in external access
  • LED with digital control push button
  • Weight of items is 58 pounds
  • Suitable price
  • Viewing window to see the smoking foods is available
  • Double constructed wall
  • At external side it is coated with porcelain
  • 4-moveable wheels so it can be move from one to another place very easily
  • Smoking racks are only three
  • Temperature range is limited from 100 degrees F to 400 degrees F
  • Smoking racks are small so a limited amount of barbecue are smoked

3. Bradely Electric smoker 

PRICE $336.81
BRAND NAME Bradley smoker
MODEL 990216
MATERIAL Polished stainless steel
POWER SOURCE Electric corded
COLOR Silver
Package Height 30.3 kilograms 
ITEM WEIGHT 60.5 pounds
SPORT TYPE Hiking & Camping 


This is the benefits of digital technology that this Best Electric Smokers has all the facilities with 6-rack of digital smoker and all features. So you can control time, smoke and temperature. You can decide about temperature, and decide about smoke and time in how much time it takes for your food. And what is the temperature your food requires.

Exterior construction was done by polished stainless steel: volume of internal cooking 3432 inches3 is element watts of cooking: element watts of smoking is 500: power is 125: 120 V 50 – 60 Hz and  temperature is -5.5 Amps (European: 240 volt and 50 Hz) maximum temperature ETL & CE is listed. Upto 280F is controllable. Minimum temperature: ambient of subject that is digital control temperature.

Warranty of this top Bradley  smoker is 1 year mean 12 month from the original date of purchasing. Dimension of exterior side: (17’’W)(14’’D)(39’’ht-24 ‘D)inches with generator. Dimension of interior side: (15’’W)(11.5’’D)(33’’ht) inches. 280 fahrenheit: maximum temperature.

Main Features 

  • Quality of material is high
  • Cooking racks ara 6
  • Rack area of smoker is 858sq inches
  • Cool smoke is controlled in 8 hours
  • Fish, pork, chicken and meat cooked by this top electric smoker
  • Flavours of hardwoods are different and it may be 9
  • Easily remove Ash catcher
  • Exterior dimension is ( 17 W )( 14 D )( 39 H ) inches
  • Interior dimension is ( 15 W )( 11.1 D )( 33 H) inches
  • Digitally controllable
  • Digitally controllable
  • Having 6 cooking racks
  • Dimension of products is large
  • Exterior and interior dimension is excellent
  • Rack area of smoker is 858 sq inches
  • Coated with stainless steel
  • Weight of products is not large
  • Available only in silver color
  • Price is little high because it is coated with stainless steel material


4. Masterbuilt MB20051316 Propane smoker with thermostat contro

PRICE $375.31
MODEL MB20051316
ITEM WEIGHT 92 pounds
DIMENSION (22.8 W)(28.7 D)(53 H) inches


This best XL propane smoker is very safe and easy for use to make. It had a 40-inch thermo temperature and 4 racks for smoking which provided room plenty. There is no adjusting and monitoring of temperature. Masterbuilt is the art of smoking with a master.

In this top masterbuilt smoker dimension of product is (22.8 W )( 28.7 D)( 53 H ) inches. Desired temperature is controlled by a temperature sensor. This top electric smoker has a temperature sensor which controls the amount of temperature according to the cooking food maintenance. 4- Cooking racks are available for food smoke and a fuel tank with this high electric smoker is attached which indicates the amount of propane in this tank.

Main Features

  • Top masterbuilt has 4- smoking racks
  • In the tank of smoker, amount of propane is indicated by tank fuel level gauge
  • Stainless steel burner had 15750 BTU
  • It had shuts off burner for safety
  • Desired temperature is controlled by a temp sensor
  • Dimension of products is ( 22.8 W )( 28.7 D )( 53 H ) inches
  • Having shut off burner for safety
  • Large amount of barbecue can be smoked
  • Dimension of products is amazing
  • Weight of items is 92 pounds which make it great
  • Coated with stainless steel
  • Temperature sensor is available to control the temperature
  • Smoking racks are only 4
  • Price is high because it is coated with stainless steel

5. Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth digital electric smoker with broiler 

Price Model
$346 MB20073519


With broiler and bluetooth devices, this masterbuilt digital electric smoker is specially designed for barbecue. Using this smart technology with bluetooth, monitor your recipe and take perfect results of cooking. Smoking racks are chrome-coated and these are 4 smoking racks. We can smoke upto 2 turkeys, 4 racks of ribs, 6 chickens and 4 pork butts. Dimension of products is ( 19.88 W )( 20.66 D )( 33.46 H ) inches.

Finish element and Innovative grill is used for crispy chicken wings, finish ribs and sear burgers. The pro series, At home depot is exclusively sold. Masterbuilt is the art of smoking. So cook faster with this finished element and grill. And another thing is moving the smoker handle, which makes it very easy for use.

Main Features 

  • Temperature of this best masterbuilt digital electric smoker controlled by bluetooth smart technology.
  • Smoking racks are 4
  • Always perfect result when meat is placed in the built probe
  • Constant smoking, temperature for oven is controlled
  • Wheels & handles are amazing and make this smoker very easy for use
  • For control of smoke, it had 2 air dampers
  • For ash removal, there is a wood chip tray
  • For large amount of food dripping, it used rear grease tray
  • Also had a drip pan which is removable and used for food drippings
  • Easier in use because of moveable handle is available
  • Having air dampers
  • Food dipping tray is attached
  • Ash removal tray is also attached
  • Temperature of this best masterbuilt digital electric smoker controlled by bluetooth smart technology.
  • 4 smoking raks
  • Large amount of food is not smoked at once

6. Electric smoker smokin-it model 2 

PRICE $539.99
ITEM WEIGHT 114 pounds
DIMENSION ( 24 )( 30 )( 22 ) inches


Smokin-IT is the best electric smoke in model 2 made excellent. You can try it for numerous recipes in your home, in this way you can get delicious smoking cook in your homes.  Steel construction with all the components is used in the top notch. This smoker also has a form factor which is very important and makes it well in tighter spaces for storing. 4 Moveable wheels around the thanks make it very easy for the use and also handles of stainless steel on the sides.

Top smokin-IT Electric Smokers are heavy and has a large size, but it has wheels so wheels are used for movement of this smoker. Heating power is controlled by a temperature gauge. Because these gauges close the heating power. But this smoker is not used for a high amount of smoking foods.

Main Features

  • This best electric smoker has all the important things and features which are used in cooking
  • Heating-element, different trays which for different purpose like ashe tray, grease tray and wood chip tray etc
  • Extra durability because this high electric smoker is fully constructed by stainless steel
  • Space for cooking purpose is great and a big amount of food can be cooked in this top electric smokers.
  • Durable and compact easy for use
  • Smoker thanks  having side handles and caster wheels so very easy for the use
  • Fully constructed by stainless steel that’s why it has extra durability
  • Cooking space is 300 inches
  • Superb insulation with heating element is 800-watt
  •  It also have a grease tray
  • A big amount of cooking food can be cooked in this best electric smoker
  • Price is very high due to full construction of stainless steel
  • Few smoking racks
  • Surface area of cooking is small

7. Masterbuilt smoke hollow 30162E

PRICE $282
AREA OF COOKING 400 inches
DIMENSION OF PRODUCTS ( 19 )( 22.5 )( 37.8 ) inches


This electric smoker is very simple, easy in use and the heating element has a great watt. If you want to need this easy and cheap smoker then we will guide you in deeper. The 30 inch model is amazing for all the smoking foods. This best smoker is adjusted by a table. It is fitt on the small table. And also has smoking racks. These racks are chrome plated. But these smoking racks are 2. It means a large amount of barbecue isn’t cooked at once. But you can cook in an average amount.

Smoking space is short but in the cheap hollow smoker this is the one best model for easier use.

Dimension of products is (19)(22.5)(37.8)inche. This dimension is average for the cooking but it also has heating elements which are adjustable on this best electric smoker.

Main Features

  • Hollow best electric smoker is used for the cooking of meat, fish and vegetables
  • This top electric smoker contains water pan, wood chip box, cooking grids and temperature controllable sensor
  • Moveable handles also available for the transport purpose
  • This high smoker measure (16)(14)(30) inches
  • Easy and simple in use
  • Affordable
  • High quality material
  • Heating element has 1500 watt
  • Maintenance of smoker is easy so its service is long
  • Features of control temperature is amazing
  • Inside water access tray is present
  • Due to presence of handle highly portable
  • Smoking racks are chrome plated
  • Smoking racs are 2
  • It has no advance Digital control  panels
  • Space is very short for smoking of large amount of foods
  • Warranty just for 90 days

8. Pit-Boss-Grill 775505.5 Pellet Smoker

PRICE $600                
BRAND 5.5 Pellet smoker
WEIGHT OF ITEM  131 ponds
DIMENSION OF PRODUCTS (28)(29)(53)inches


Wood pellets of this pit-boss grill electric smoker is very expensive because it is 100% natural hardwood. Ash of this top smoker is less than one percent.

Flavour is immense and hardwood is hundred percent natural. The wood pellet of this high smoker is used to readout the temperature which is maximum 450 degree F. The cooking space of this pit-boss grill smoker is high  and the area for cooking is perfect. Pellets of this smoker can be held up to 40 pounds.

If we talk about the dimension of the pit boss grill is good, which is (28)(29)(53) inches. All the coating of the best pit boss grill with the porcelain material.

Main Features

  • Digital LED monitor and readout the temperature
  • Cooking grids are four, which are coated with porcelain material
  • Capacity of hopper is 40+ ibs
  • Range of temperature is 150 degree F – 450 degree F
  • Dimension of products is (28)(29)(53) inches
  • Cooking racks are available
  • It produce  ash less than 1 percent
  • Hardwood is 100% natural
  • Pellets of pit-boss grill smoker have hold 40+ lbs weight
  • Temperature range is 450 degree F
  • Cooking racks are four which are coated with porcelain material
  • Temperature range which can readout is 450 degree F
  • Price of this smoker is high than some others have the same size

9. Char-Broil the big easy tru-infrared top electric smoker 


PRICE $223.06
WEIGHT OF ITEM 22.7 pounds
DIMENSION OF PRODUCTS (23.1)(23.4)(36.2) inches


Char -broil is the best and big electric smoker and easy in use. Roaste, grill and smoke are all in-one smoker and have a new feature of grill which make it excellent for the users and you can smoke and roast chiks, ribs and grilling steaks. So enjoy all the delicious food by this top electric smoker.

Spacing arera of cooking is good and the dimension of the product is (23.1)(23.4)(36.2)inches. Smoker box is coated with stainless steel.

This best char-broil electric smoker was very famous in americans since 1948 and nowadays this smoker gives amazing results to all the users. Smoking area is 1200 square inches and also a roasting box having a large area for smoke, so once you all people use this high electric smoker.

Main Featues

  • This top char-broil electric smoker having the amazing feature that is has a grill, roast and smoke all in one smoker
  • TRU-infrared best electric smoker provide juicy cooking food
  • 900 BTUs- 1800 BTUs temperature can be control by this electric smoker
  • In roasting basket evenly we cook ribs, cuts of meat and roast
  • Cooking space area is 1200 square inch
  • Cooking racks are available
  • Dimension of products is (23.1)(23.4)(36.2) inches
  • Easy to use
  • Price is affordable
  • Cooking chamber is available in this high electric smoker
  • Versatile is ultimate
  • Cooking area is good for all type of cooking
  • Large Dimension of products
  • There is no ups flare in this electric smoker
  • Glass window is not available
  • Fuel tank for propane is not available

10. Masterbuilt digital electric smoker 20072115

PRICE $650
WEIGHT OF ITEM 53.1 pound
DIMENSION OF PRODUCT (20.87)(20.08)(31.98) inches


This model of masterbuilt top electric smoker is very simple and smart by using smart technology. The all the process which takes place in this electric smoker is digitally controllable. By using digital technology control of temperature, on/off system, maintenance of temperature and many other processes have been done.

This smoker has four cooking racks and 80 pounds of food can be smoked very easily in this high electric smoker. It became a remote control device due to its handling. So this best electric smoker gives a high result of cooking. It has a water pan which is reveable, a pan for drip, a tray for wood chips, an access pan for easy cleanup of doors, and cooking racks are adjustable which help the users for cooking purposes.

Main Features

  • Control panel for on/off purpose is available
  • Handled device become remote control device
  • Control panel are digitally controllable
  • Smoking racks are available
  • Cooking space area is 721 square inches
  • 800-watt of heating element
  • Bluetooth technology is great to make it perfect for  the users
  • Bluetooth technology is used which control all the device very smartly
  • Quality of heating element is 800-watt
  • Spacing area is high like 721 square inch so large amount of barbeques can smoke
  • Glass window is available for the viewing of cooking food easily
  • Temperature control setting is excellent
  • Accessible and friendly service for the customer
  • Sometime heat loss from the glass smoker door
  • This masterbuilt bluetooth electric smoker have internal temperature maximum 250 degree F- 275 degree F. this temperature is not good for big quantities of smoke or barbeque
  • Price of this smoker is high than the other same sized smoker

11. Char-Broil 17202004 D igital electric smoker

PRICE $299
WEIGHT OF ITEM 50.2 pounds
DIMENSION OF PRODUCT (16.5) (18.1) (32.) inches
DEPARTMENT Electronics 

DescriptionCHAR-BROIL 17202004

The top char-broil digital electric smokers deluxe is the ideal and flawless smoker for creating smoky flavors and delivering tender meals with ease, and to cook food for a large group of friends. This top char-broil deluxe has a stainless steel body with fire access doors, air dumpers, and four smoking racks, which makes it so manageable and easy to use for the chef. Moreover, this cheap char-broiler has enormous n725 square inches of cooking space.

Additionally, this top char-broil deluxe has an insulated double wall structure, and stainless steel lock clamp with smoke tight steel makes sure that smoke stays inside and does not get leaked and gives it the most nuanced and faultless look. The main thing about this cheap and affordable char-broil deluxe is a removable food thermometer, glass door, and blue LED display for easy viewing. This affordable average char-broiler upscale is worth buying

Main Features

  • Stainless steel insulated double-wall structure
  • 725 square inches cooking space with four racks
  • External dimensions (18.1) W (16.5) D (32.5) H
  • Glass doors, air dumpers, and stainless steel lock clamp
  • Automatically turn off when food is cooked
  •  Easily Removable food thermometer
  • Blue LED-display for easy viewing
  •  Remote control function
  • Greasy tray
  • Water pan and Large smoke box inside
  • Enormous 725 square inches’ spaces for smoking
  • The dimension of the product is (16.5) (18.1) (32.5) inches
  • Glassdoor and LED screen for easy viewing food without opening the door
  • Grease tray for cleaning and removal of grease and oil
  • No temperature spike and drop issue
  • Automatically turn off when food is cooked
  • It is a remote control
  • Lightweight and Easy to use
  • Easy cleaning because of removable four racks.
  • This model is easy to move because of its wheels and handle
  • One-year warranty
  • Remote does not work from long distance
  • The material of the remote is cheap and rough
  • It’s hard to see options on LED-screen in daylight
  • Hard to clean Glass Door after using it
  • Difficult to maintain temperature manually

12 Highest masterbuilt 20078715 Electric smoker 

COOKING ARE 721 Square inches
WEIGHT 40.04 pounds
DIMENSION OF PRODUCTS ( 19 )( 17 )( 32 ) inches
MATERIAL Stainless steel chrome


This best masterbuilt electric smoker is 30 inch. this Smoker house is electrically digital. And smokehouse flavour is delivered and full coated with blue led material. And its view on the presence of sunlight is amazing. A large amount of barbecues is smoked by this top electric smoker.because area of cooking space is very large roundabout 730 square inches. But the cooking racks are four cooking racks. It also has a drip pan for font access and for deflector. Dimension of products is high, like ( 20.28 )( 19.69 )( 32.13 ) inches. And also the weight of the item is 53.4 pounds.

Internal light is also used for the cooking material views every time. Because by using this light inner food can be seen and checks all the cooking process. The wood chip is bestest for smoke control. You can cook large or little flavoured smoky food. Like beef, seafood, chicken, cooking pork and many other delicious foods. This top electric smoker provides a good way for friends cooking and other family memories. And get good quality food in a short time. It manages temperature from 100 degree F_275 degree F digitally. Heating element which is 800-watt gives you control on all the smoking areas.

The panel of electric smokers which are present at the top of the corner having accessories to control temperature and read time which surve in cooking. This top electric smoker has all the whistles with lower price.

Main Features

  • Cooking space area is 730 square inches
  • 4 cooking racks, coated with chrome
  • Heating element are 800 watt and are fully insulation of foam
  • This best electric smoker moves very easily because of its rear wheels and handles
  • Temperature reading is done by blue led
  • It had remote control by Rf which monitor the whole temperature
  • Front of access drip pan have been redesigned
  • Coated with stainless steel
  • Price is affordable
  • Heating lament is powerful 800-watt
  • Button for reading of temperature
  • Easier in suse and for long service
  • In wood chip box you can add wood chips without opening the door of surface area of cooking
  •  Adjustable 4- digital trays
  • 4-cooking racks
  • It produce high quality of smoked meat
  • This cheap electric smoker have construction cabinet
  • Friendly service with customer by using email address and phone address
  • Having just 4- cooking racks
  • About This electric smoker many people complained that it’s not a highly portable
  • Internal space for a big amount of smoking is not sufficient
  • It requires cleaning
  • It requires maintaining property

13. Londman smoky mountain electric smoker 

PRICE $199
COOKING AREA 450 square inch
DIMENSION OF PRODUCTS ( 26 )( 21 )( 47.25 ) inches


This landmann smoker is the best and amazing electric smoker, which produces high quality smoke. This cheap electric smoker has everything which is important and needed in cooking performance. This smoker provides good quality of smoke for heat procedure according to the cooking foods. So you can choose low or high temperatures for the foods till the end.

Cooking area of landmann smoky mountain is 450 square inches and the dimension of products is ( 26 )( 21 )( 47.25 )inches which is good for normal cooking foods. Internal temperature can be controlled very easily, because this smoker is good in retention of heat. The main amazing features of this high electric smoker is that it doesn’t mix up the other flavour of foods which are also cooked in it at the same time. Like chicken, fish and meat etc. you can enjoy the taste of allrecipes at the same time.

Handles of this top smoker maintain the temperature of the smoker between 100 degree F_ 260 degree F. and also heating elements available with great watt. Move very easily with the hlp of adjustable and moveable feet. Coated racks of multiple chrome, water pan, a tray for wood chip, a tray for grease chip and setup of compartment is three-in-one. Glass window door is available for the view of cooking food. In this way you can check all the process of cooking through this glass window and maintain the temperature of the smoker by the help of a thermometer.

Main Features

  • Glass window for the view of cooking food
  • Cooking grates are chrome steel plated
  • Adjustable and moveable feet for the moving of this  best electric smoker
  • Thermometer for the control of temperature
  • Dimension of products is good and also heating element having great watt
  • Retention of heat is good
  • Damper port is rear
  • Combination tray is three-in-one
  • Price is affordable
  • Great construction with adorable unit
  • Unit is portable and relatively weight is light
  • Internal temperature is controlled by thermometer
  • For the checking of smoke food progress, there is a glass window
  • Smoking racks are available with multiple stainless steel
  • Retention of heat is good. So it avoid the loss of heat
  • Easier in use
  • Shortage of power source cord
  • There is no electric and digital control on this smoker
  • Sometimes, smoke door leak the smoke

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